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Bathroom renovation story of every house

It was a space reserved for domestic workers, located on the top floor of an old building in Ostend. Small windows, dark rooms, completely obsolete. Until Iris and her companion stumble upon it… With their architect, they drew up Bathroom renovation plans. And for the bathroom, they trusted Van Marcke.“The location was fantastic, as for the apartment it had huge potential,”   “This is an old apartment building with a wide facade and sea view. When we bought, we knew what we were getting into: there was going to be quite a bit of demolition work. The many walls and small windows had to disappear to be replaced by a large sliding glass door down to the floor, in order to offer a magnificent view of the sea. "Advice for interior design and installer: the Van Marcke touch “I took my  Bathroom renovation  plans under my arm and went to a Van Marcke Inspirations showroom. I knew what I wanted - a walk-in shower and a long, narrow cabinet - but that didn't stop an inside advisor fro

Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood

Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood Kiev! Repair restoration of parquet after the flood in Kiev . The flood caused by a pipe burst from the neighbors upstairs is, unfortunately, a very common problem. Water, as a rule, easily passes the floors, using the cracks, and floods the ceiling, walls, floor. We'll talk about the latter - all the more, this problem can also be caused by a pipe break in your home. Natural wood parquet is durable and beautiful, but, like any wood, it is afraid of water. The sooner you start restoration work, the higher the probability that the parquet can be saved with practically no loss of quality. If you do not carry out professional restoration, the following is possible: wet parquet will swell and deform, swell. If it dries unevenly, it will "lead", cracks may appear. Moisture will cause oxidative processes and the growth of fungi and bacteria - the parquet will darken. Water can also destroy the adhesive base - this is e

Types of glue cement before tiling

We have already talked in  Tiling step by step (part 1)  of the  preparation of the support before tiling ,  this time we are going to see the  different types of glue cement  and when to use one or the other. There are different types of glue cement on the market, the one suitable for each application is determined by the type of tile to be placed, by the size of the tile and by the type of wall and the use to which it will be put. Each manufacturer calls them differently, the two most used types are  normal glue cement or flexible glue cement before tiling  .  Then we can find glue cement for swimming pools, refractory glue cement, for walls with plaster, etc ... We already spoke in the previous post, that whenever possible it is better that the support on which we are going to tile is a mortar base, but for special cases we will use a special glue cement. We will now see the different types of cement glue that we will use in each case. Glue cement according to the type  of

Metal roof restoration

What does metal roof restoration consist of? When a ceiling is very deteriorated and has lost its luminosity, aesthetics and hygiene properties, a cleaning, no matter how deep, is not enough to get the ceiling of your company to be like new and therefore it is required a specific treatment that recovers it.  During metal roof restoration, suitable resins for this type of ceiling are micro-sprayed that aesthetically equalize the false ceiling and eliminate all the grease, carbon monoxide, nicotines, bacteria and fungi that may have adhered to the ceiling.  The  result is spectacular  and the client is  as if he were re-releasing his roof but for a much lower price than  the one that would mean replacing all the metal plates.  A company may need metal roof restoration both if it has not carried out professional ceiling cleaning for years or if cleaning has been carried out but in an inadequate way, since to preserve the characteristics of the metal roof it is necessary to use produc

Proper car towing service

The car is technically faulty and cannot move further on its own. In this case, it must be delivered to the place of parking or repair by towing service .  Do not forget that a car malfunction directly affects the choice of towing method.  In this situation, it is important to remember that cars and minibuses with a faulty brake system and steering can only be towed by the method of partial or full loading - in your own words on a tow truck.  With all other malfunctions towing on a flexible coupling is allowed. Also, towing service is often used to start a car in mind, for example, a dead battery.  In this situation, it is important to remember and not try to start the car  towing service  from a tug on a slippery road!  Nothing happens - the drive wheels of the towed car will slip on a slippery road and this can only lead to unpleasant or even dangerous consequences (collision). Remember also that cars with an automatic transmission, in view of their design and technical fea

Flexible Newcastle towing rules

Newcastle towing    on a flexible (elastic) hitch is often used among motorists.  This type of towing, welcomed by drivers, is far from safe.  There are certain rules and some reservations.  Each driver must know how long the cable will be with elastic coupling of cars: it cannot be less than 4 meters, but no longer than 6 meters.  Each road user must know this tug size by heart.  The tugboat cable also carries a warning start: two square pennants should be fixed on it, with highlighted, bright red and white color, stripes, reflectors. What are the disadvantages of Newcastle towing on an elastic hitch? Newcastle Towing on an elastic hitch, due to the small distance between the cars, can be very dangerous in the winter, in icy conditions.  This type of towing is very dangerous if the car has a damaged brake system and steering, in which case the towed car may not be able to control and go into the oncoming lane. What are the advantages: the rules allow passengers not to leave

All the details about the engagement ring of Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham's girlfriend

It is increasingly common for  celebrities  from all over the world to use their social networks to share some details of their private lives or make announcements to their followers.  And the Beckhams are no exception.  Last weekend the news spread that  Brooklyn  , the couple's oldest son,  had become engaged to his girlfriend  ,  Nicola Peltz  , with whom he would have started dating last November.  An information that, a few hours later, they confirmed themselves with a nice  image that Victoria Beckham also shared .  "We couldn't be happier for Brooklyn and Nicola to get married. We wish you a lot of love and a lifetime of happiness. We love you very much," wrote the designer.  A snapshot taken by Harper, the youngest of the clan, which also shows the wonderful    engagement  ring  on Nicola's ring finger . Although in the image the jewel does not look as good as we would like, it is not difficult to appreciate that it is  a large solitaire type ring