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All the details about the engagement ring of Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham's girlfriend

It is increasingly common for celebrities from all over the world to use their social networks to share some details of their private lives or make announcements to their followers. And the Beckhams are no exception. Last weekend the news spread that Brooklyn , the couple's oldest son, had become engaged to his girlfriend , Nicola Peltz , with whom he would have started dating last November. An information that, a few hours later, they confirmed themselves with a nice image that Victoria Beckham also shared"We couldn't be happier for Brooklyn and Nicola to get married. We wish you a lot of love and a lifetime of happiness. We love you very much," wrote the designer. A snapshot taken by Harper, the youngest of the clan, which also shows the wonderful  engagement ring  on Nicola's ring finger.

Although in the image the jewel does not look as good as we would like, it is not difficult to appreciate that it is a large solitaire type ring . The centerpiece is an emerald cut diamond and is surrounded by a narrow band of diamond pavé. According to data collected by the American media Page Six , this piece would have a price that, depending on the carats of the central stone, would be around 280,000 euros . 
Gemma Corral Cordonié, Director of Auctions for Ancient and Modern Jewelery at Ansorena, explains to that  this engagement ring is a truly exceptional piece . "It doesn't look very good in the photo but it could be approximately 10 carats. It can be an emerald cut or an Asscher cut, created in 1902 by a Jewish diamond cutter in New York, which was very fashionable in the 1920s. It is a version of the emerald cut but with 72 facets, which makes it an exceptional work. In any case, it is a classic piece, highly in demand in Anglo-Saxon countries  - although also in Spain - and, of course, it is a sure success. "

The name of the jeweler in charge of making the jewel has not yet been revealed, not even if it is a catalog item or a ring created exclusively for Nicola . What it is possible to assure is that Brooklyn has opted for a timeless design, which especially stylizes the hands, similar to those that Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor once wore or, more recently, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Her mother, Victoria, also has a similar jewel in her particular collection of engagement rings facebbokAnd it is that the designer has 14 that, throughout her marriage, David has been giving her . They are perhaps the third of them - a striking emerald cut diamond with baguettesconical on the sides - and the sixth - also with an emerald cut, but with three bands of yellow gold - the ones that bear the most similarities to that of his future daughter-in-law


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