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Proper car towing service

towing service
The car is technically faulty and cannot move further on its own.
In this case, it must be delivered to the place of parking or repair by towing serviceDo not forget that a car malfunction directly affects the choice of towing method. In this situation, it is important to remember that cars and minibuses with a faulty brake system and steering can only be towed by the method of partial or full loading - in your own words on a tow truck. With all other malfunctions towing on a flexible coupling is allowed.
Also, towing service is often used to start a car in mind, for example, a dead battery. In this situation, it is important to remember and not try to start the car towing service from a tug on a slippery road! Nothing happens - the drive wheels of the towed car will slip on a slippery road and this can only lead to unpleasant or even dangerous consequences (collision).
Remember also that cars with an automatic transmission, in view of their design and technical features, towing on a flexible or rigid hitch is prohibited. Only allowed by loading method.
Towing a car can be done in three ways:
on a flexible coupling (cable);
on a rigid hitch;
method of full or partial loading (tow truck).
Among motorists, the first and third methods are the most common and technically possible. On a rigid hitch, as a rule, trucks, buses or trolley buses with a faulty brake system or steering are towed.
towing service
Basic rules for successful towing
1. The length of the cable should be from four to six meters, and it should be made of bright reflective material. He must always be in the car in a state of readiness and be at hand.
2. When driving on a car that is towing service, the dipped beam of the headlights must be switched on, towed - hazard warning lights.
If it is faulty or absent on the car, then in this case, the warning triangle must be fixed on its rear. Do not forget about this important requirement, towing service it is of direct importance in road safety.
3. Before towing starts, drivers should discuss with each other the order and speed of movement and warning signals given to each other.
I would also like to note that most cars, by their design, are not designed to be towed, and do not even have a towing eye in the rear, because towing can damage them or affect their further technical condition, reliability and durability.
It is forbidden to tow on a flexible coupling in icy conditions and on mountain roads.
Be careful! Follow the technical condition of your favorite car and move on your own, without towing service!


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