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Factors to take into account when choosing an Air conditioning

Reviewing all the types of refrigeration equipment that exist and which are the most suitable for a home or business, we will talk about the factors that must be taken into account when we have to choose a certain air conditioner.

Appliance power

First of all, when choosing the air conditioning that best suits our needs, we must take into account the  power that the equipment must have.  It is necessary that we be clear about the frigories that the appliance will need to be able to cool our home or premises and for this we can use a frigories calculator .To calculate this, we must take into account factors such as the surface of the walls or the ceiling. The outside temperature is also relevant, since the hotter it is outside, the more powerful the appliance will have to be. The amount of glazed area is another factor that influences, since the glass insulates a room less than the wall.

Other elements to take into account will be the orientation of the room, the exterior shadows, the geographical location, the time of year in which we are going to use the device and the materials with which the place has been built; since they will determine the degree of isolation that it will have from the outside.

Energy consumption

Each air conditioning is accompanied by a label that determines its energy consumption . This label will display an "A ++" (for the most efficient) to a "G" (for the most energy consuming). To correctly choose an air conditioner this is a factor that should not be ignored, since choosing a device with a high consumption will raise the electricity bill significantly. In addition to this, equipment that has low consumption contributes to improving the environment , due to reduced emissions.

Features they offer

In order to correctly choose the refrigeration equipment, it will be necessary to know what features the system has.In the case of 'split' air conditioners (wall, ceiling mentioned above), most of them have  'inverter' technology , which regulates the air conditioning mechanism, so that instead of starting and stopping frequently, the compressor runs continuously.

This serves to keep the temperature stable and helps the energy expenditure to be proportional to the required cooling capacity. In other words, this avoids consuming more than necessary and, in short, lengthens the life of the compressor.Today, all refrigeration systems offer very diverse features such as air purification or ionizing systems, which eliminate bacteria and air mites for those with allergies.

Therefore, it is recommended that the needs required in the refrigeration system be well determined , since all the extra features entail a higher cost and, in some cases, will require more frequent maintenance.Being clear about what is needed and the benefits that will be required will lead to savings and obtain a more suitable refrigeration equipment for the buyer.

Sound power

This is another important aspect to consider when purchasing an air conditioning. Sound power refers to the noise that the appliance will emit when it is operating .The sound power indicator is also reflected in the energy label. To have an orientation about the power that can be supported in the place where the equipment will be installed, the fact that in a bedroom should not exceed 24 decibels of sound power can be taken as a reference . 

Cold and heat?

When purchasing a refrigeration appliance, this question should be asked. If the equipment needs to be able to cool, but also heat the place where it will be installed, it must incorporate a reversible heat pump In this way, the equipment we acquire will be able to cool the place in summer but also heat it in winter. This system is usually the most useful , since if a low consumption equipment is acquired, the use of braziers or stoves can be avoided, which are more dangerous and consume much more.

Maintenance cost

When purchasing an air conditioning, you should ask about the cost of maintenance. In many cases, the prices of certain devices are much lower than the rest and this makes customers opt for them. However, it is later discovered that the maintenance of the apparatus is very expensive and must be performed very frequently.

To avoid this type of confusion, it is advisable to go to a trusted professional.


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