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It's time to take the first steps in Home automation

 As home automation has become an advanced technology, the question arises: how easy is it to create a smart home and what benefits will it bring?Cost savings and ease of use are the main benefits of a smart home. Automatic switching on and / or switching off of lighting according to individual scenarios, regulation of heating, control of room temperatures and air conditioning will significantly reduce energy costs. In addition, turning on the light and closing the roller shutters at a given time (according to scenarios) will increase the level of safety, especially when you are not at home (imitation of presence).

Of course, it will hardly be possible to fully implement a home automation project in half an hour, but there are enough certified specialists who are able to make your dreams come true. They will not only advise you on what can be automated in your home, but will select and offer the necessary functions and suitable scenarios.The good news is that if you already have a security system installed, such as the Eldes ESIM384 hybrid security panel , then you already have the foundation for your home automation project!

A home smarter than ever

security panel can not only manage the entire security system, but also add various functions and scenarios of the smart home. By combining it with the necessary additional devices and using wireless communication, you can remotely monitor the temperature conditions of the protected premises, control energy costs, change the operating state of electrical appliances, and automate other functions.Below is a short list of some of the home automation capabilities / (functions) implemented with the proposed security system:

Temperature control

  • Turn on the heating if the temperature falls below the set limit.
  • Turn off the heating when the temperature exceeds the specified value.
  • Turn air conditioning on or off when the temperature reaches a certain limit.
  • Lighting control
  • Turn on the indoor light at the appointed time.
  • Control lighting based on the "vacation time" setting.
  • Turn on the lights in separate rooms where no one is.
  • Turn on street lighting when the owner returns home.
  • Turn on street lighting when an alarm occurs or motion is detected.
  • Automation of alarms and actions 
  • Close the garage door if you forgot to do so.
  • If a water or gas leak is detected, shut off the supply and notify the user.
  • In case of burglary, warn about the alarm by all possible methods.
Roller shutter control and window protection

Open or close roller shutters and curtains according to the schedule, or according to the "vacation time" settings.Close the windows (lower the roller shutters) when the temperature drops below the set limit. There are various home automation scenarios for your system, and they are all easy to implement and use. The system also allows you to control various functions according to a schedule, from time of day, when certain events occur, temperature changes, zones triggering, etc. In a word, all control is completely in your hands! You can configure your security system not only using SMS commands, but also in any way convenient for you (locally and / or remotely): from a tablet, laptop or smartphone, using the Eldes Utility setup program .


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