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Physiotherapists are given the green light to return to work

Physiotherapists received the green light on Thursday from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) to gradually return to work, reports the professional organization Royal Netherlands Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF).

Last week, KNGF drew up a step-by-step plan together with the trade associations PPN and SKF. After some adjustments, this guideline has been approved by the RIVM and the Ministry of VWS. In the coming period, Physiotherapists care will be scaled up "cautiously and step by step". In doing so, the physiotherapists will work as safely as possible by observing the applicable hygiene measures and in certain cases using personal protective equipment.

In concrete terms, it means that physiotherapists can receive and treat patients in the practice again from Friday. Healthy patients, even if they belong to the risk group for the coronavirus, will be treated in the normal way again, says a spokesperson for the KNGF.

Mouth mask for corona patients or suspected cases

According to the new protocols, physical therapists must wear protective equipment, such as a mouth mask, glasses, gloves and an apron, with patients who are (possibly) infected with the virus. Nevertheless, a physiotherapist can always choose to treat a patient only via video calling, as is already the case now. They are also free to wear a mouth mask with every treatment if he or she thinks it safer. Finally, the KNGF would like to emphasize that physiotherapy falls under the medical contact professions and not the 'normal' contact professions, such as the hairdresser. "Physiotherapists is care," said the spokesman.

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The corona virus in short

The corona virus mainly spreads via sneezing and cough droplets. Most patients have mild (flu-like) complaints. These are the symptoms.what rules there are to contain the outbreak We have also translated these measures into Arabic, English, Polish and Turkish.In our corona guide we give you an overview of all reliable information and what you should and can do now that you are at home a lot.


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