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Wine Labels - Make Your Wine Bottle As Unique As Your Own Vintage Taste

There are many factors that determine the customer's decision about a purchase. Often we base our choice on the opinion of our friends or we are looking for reviews on the internet. However, when we face the store shelf, we will choose the products that we already know or that catch our attention. That is why packaging and labels are so important. Of course these are necessary - the packaging protects the goods and the product labels give the customer all the information about the product that is required by law, but they can also be specially designed to make a nice presentation. Aesthetics are especially important when it comes to premium products such as wine labels 

How do we choose the perfect wine bottle?

Wine production is considered by many not only as a business, but also as an art. The production process is unique to each vineyard, it is often developed over several years and the knowledge is inherited from older generations of wine producers. As a result, we receive the unique taste that should be the most important factor in choosing a perfect wine bottle. You can check the internet to find some charts that will help you choose the wine that will complement a good dinner or make a great gift for your loved ones. You can even find special courses where you can learn all about wine and taste the most popular wines. However, when the customer is front and center on a store shelf with thousands of bottles lined up and he doesn't know much about wine labels, he will probably choose the most appealing packaging. And in the case of wine, when all bottles are similar, it is usually the wine bottle label that will distinguish them from your wine brand.

Wine bottle labels - information and advertising

Any custom printed label should serve as an informative aid. It must include the name of the product, its ingredients and the name of the manufacturer or seller (if you want to learn more about the elements required on a product label, see the article: "Key Elements Required on a Product Label"). For wine it is also important to indicate the year and place of production. On wine labels we will find the concentration of alcohol and a warning about the risks. Those elements are required by law, but none of them will convince the customer to buy your product. The design of your custom wine labels should be as exceptional as the taste. It doesn't matter if you sell your wine bottles at the farmers market, online or in regular stores, the style of the wine label should tell customers what is special about your product. They will certainly appreciate it if you add some personal touches and fresh ideas. In the age of mass production, bottles with personalized wine labels will be something special that all customers will notice.

Custom wine labels available in the market

If you are looking for your personalized wine bottle labels, you can choose from several options available in the market. First, you need to think about the conditions under which your bottles will be stored. It's good to remember we're talking about a liquid, so your custom wine labels should be able to withstand some moisture. It is also important that the material does not disintegrate when it gets wet. You will find many papers and foils for digital wine labels printing on the market. There is also material specially designed for wine bottle labels. You can also order personalized wine labels with laminate protecting them or cold stamping, giving your custom wine labels a luxurious and elegant look.

In many countries there is a tradition of making wine labels at home. People use the ingredients specific to their region or event from their own garden. If you are one of them, you can also find the custom wine labels for your needs. If you want to code different vintages of your wine or create personalized gifts for your friends and family, the sticker labels are a perfect solution. You can even order very small quantities thanks to digital label printing. The best way to buy your custom wine bottles is to find an online store. Many sticker manufacturers provide ready-made templates or even samples that you can use to order your stickers. You can also find the programs (some free) that allow you to create your own design by text, add background or even photos. You can use all your ideas because the only limit is your imagination. 


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