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In addition to all the features, the hotel system offers means for special types, making the processes of requests made in alternative ways practical.

Travel agency booking

Travel agencies that are registered by the hotel can book directly through the system, using a voucher. The document is issued and is valid as an authorization, either of the expenses made by the guest in relation to the daily rates or as a proof of reservation. The voucher can also be valid as a document whose sales agent can receive its percentage by negotiating directly with the hotel.

Reservation with security

The security deposit allows it to be made on a regular basis, however, entering its value in the spreadsheet so that it can be made later on the guest's invoice. For this to happen, the employee must write down the deposit receipt number on the booking form, so that it is charged with the customer's invoice.

Group booking

To make a group reservation, you must send a document electing a person or company that is responsible for all members. In the system, dates, values ​​and general lodging conditions are agreed, with each member linked to the group belonging. The designation of the group is indicated by the program, identified with each process carried out within the hotel accommodation, generating greater integration of information and facilities in the procedures.

Why use a hotel reservation system?


Nowadays, a good number of consumers prefer to interact with machines than with other people. Good or bad, this is the reality of the market. For this reason, many customers look for a website to get all the information about a service and buy or hire it online.

Therefore, it is essential that hotels have an   online reservation system . It allows the customer to do this operation directly on the company's website, quickly and conveniently.

For the hotel, this is also an advantage. As the customer finds on the website all information about the daily rate - prices, check-in and check-out times, structure - there is no need to spend time responding to various requests for quotes. On the website, it is possible to simulate the price on different dates. Thus, the customer can choose the most convenient period for their stay, considering the values ​​and their own availability.

Commission reduction

However, this is not yet the main advantage. Most hotels work with some type of operator or agency. When these agents sell the daily rates to guests, hiring requires payment of a commission. The online system reduces the percentage paid in commissions. After all, when the customer enters the website and makes the reservation directly, all the profit remains with the hotel itself, without the need to pay intermediaries.

Other advantages of the hotel system:

• reduction in loss of reservations: there is no risk of the customer giving up or looking for another hotel because their phone lines were busy when they tried to contact you;

• reduction of  bureaucracy : the customer can now fill in the online registration, avoiding the excessive occupation of his reception team;

• payment guarantee: the customer has to pay for his stay with a credit card to make the reservation on the website, avoiding default;

• definition of tariffs for seasons: the system can be configured to display different prices for low or high season seasons;

• formation of a database for marketing: the form requires the guest's email, which can be used for publicity actions.


There is also integration with other systems. The booking software can provide information directly to other programs used in the management of the hotel. Thus, it offers subsidies for the preparation of management reports and  hotel accommodation  the collection of data for the accounting and finance department, for the payment of commissions, among other options.

However, a less common integration can be even more useful - this is about hotel governance. As you know, rooms need to be spotless for guests to arrive, and organizing cleaning can be challenging.

But the reservation system can be integrated with a governance system, like  To.Do , manufactured by Leucotron. This facilitates the distribution of tasks, optimizes the work of the team and provides a better service to the guest. See how:

• the reservation system sends data on check-in and check-out to To.Do;

• with this information, the housekeeper distributes the maid cleaning routes in a more productive way  

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• even this distribution can be automated, as To.Do allows the housekeeper to do this with a single click;

• the maids follow their cleaning schedule and indicate the status of each room in the To.Do Hotel application, and the rooms are released as soon as they finish their work;

• also through the application, the maids report any object found in the rooms, in real time.

If the guest calls for information about the lost object, the reception is already aware of the situation.

What to do in case of unforeseen events with a hotel reservation?

Even with state-of-the-art technology systems and automated activities, problems can arise for a variety of reasons, whether due to internal misunderstandings or external factors. Knowing how to proceed in each of these circumstances is important to mitigate the impact of problems.

Reservation not found

When an employee is unable to locate a customer's reservation, he or she must make the standard registration, either manually or in a personalized manner in the system. The eventuality must be communicated to the client immediately, together with the statement that the team will do everything to serve it.

When checking the availability of rooms, the booking standard should be consulted, in order to mirror the one requested by the customer. If it is not possible to accommodate the guest in the same room category, a closer one must be located.

When there is no hotel accommodation available at the hotel, it becomes the hotel's responsibility to search for rooms in other establishments, aiming at the least inconvenience to the customer.

Booking cancellation

Cancellations become very practical, made directly by the customer within the system itself. Once the request is made, the program automatically calculates all fees involved in the operation, including fines provided for in the contract for withdrawal.

If the same customer wants to make a new reservation later, their data is stored in the hotel system. The guest must communicate directly to the establishment and redo their reservation, scheduling according to the availability of rooms.

Reservation transfer

When the customer wants to transfer his reservation to another date, without having to cancel, he can access the system to check the free dates for the modification. Through a clear calendar, with accurate information, it is possible to relocate within the same establishment, maintaining the preferences previously computed.

With the realization of a new reservation with the same condition, hotel accommodation in the same category, food details and optional services, the transfer becomes much more comfortable for guests. The occupancy map remains available, and the establishment may place the transfer rules.


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