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Have you already decided to take the next step for your business with a website design ? You want to hire a web design company , but there are so many? Today we have prepared a guide for you with questions that you should ask before hiring a web design company.For your convenience we have divided the questions into 4 basic sections. In particular, the sections that you will find below are:

Website construction costs and what exactly it includes

Facts and information about the web design company

Samples of previous work and clientele

Website construction process

Questions about choosing a web design company

Choosing the right web design company is a difficult process and not unfair. Especially if one considers that the options available are too many.The most important thing to consider before you even start the questioning process is to find a company that will be able to understand your needs and take them seriously.After all, the construction of a web design that you will assign to them is not just about creating a website, but promoting your business and presenting its overall image to the general public of the internet.

In essence, the company should take the image of your company to its audience in the most representative way. Which of course requires a detailed study of your company and all its factors that should be included in your professional website.

So once you find a company that you think can handle the above, you need to ask specific questions to make your choice as easy as possible as well as save you unnecessary costs due to insufficient information.In each question you will find sub-questions that will help you form a complete picture.

What is the cost of building a website and what exactly does it include?

This question is one of the most obvious you have to deal with. However, it is also one of the most important since you do not want to be surprised both in the final price you will be asked to pay and in what exactly you want your web design to include.So you need to ask about the cost you will have to pay for the necessary and necessary functions you need. Some examples you might have in mind are:

Does the construction include a specific design or is there the possibility for custom design?

Does it include a content management system (CMS)?

Is there a possibility for design changes if you are not satisfied with the result?

Does it include researching and registering a domain name that suits your needs?

If so will the domain be registered in your account or that of the company?

Does the price include hosting your website (web hosting)? If so, for how many years will the hosting be free and what is the cost of renewal after this period?

Is there adequate support from the company in case of need?

Does the final cost include search engine optimization ( SEO )?

In case some of the above services are not included in the cost of building websites, it would be good to receive an offer for them as well, as they will most likely need you.

Where is the company's headquarters located?

Of course, the company that will undertake the construction of your website does not have to be in the same city as you. The whole process can be done remotely. However, it would be good to choose a company that is in the same country as you. The reasons, of course, are obvious, especially the common working hours - communication. It is very embarrassing to want to contact the service for an issue that concerns you, but the company does not answer you because in their country it is 4 midnight.

In addition, the transactions that will take place (invoicing, etc.) are easier to do if the company you choose is based in Australia

How many years of service have this industry had?

The previous service of a web design company is a very important factor in choosing it.Surely a company that has just started its operation can provide you with top design and operational results. However there is a big risk in how much he will be in active action to be able to provide you with the support you will need.

More and more companies appear and after a while they cease to operate. Thus, a company that has a long history in providing internet services, is much more likely to stay for many more years.

Company size

It would be good to know the number of people employed by the company you will work with, however it is not something that should affect your final decision on whether to hire it. From time to time we have even seen independent web designers whose work can easily surpass in quality and more effectively even the work of large companies.

Do they have a portfolio with samples of previous projects they have undertaken?

Every "proper" web design and web design company should have a section on their website with samples of previous work they have completed.So it would be good to pay special attention to the company's portfolio and spend some time studying the websites they have built. The points you need to focus on the most are:

  • Do they have a website that pique your interest?
  • Do their websites look professional?
  • Uploading and browsing websites is fast or are there any delays?
  • Do the pages have a responsive design to look just as impressive from mobile phones and tablets?
  • Do they have positive suggestions and recommendations in case you are looking?

It would be good to look for some of the previous customers that you will find in the company's portfolio and ask for some information about the whole construction process and the experience gained from the company's services. Some questions you can ask are:

  • Were they satisfied with the final result?
  • Was the project delivered on time and within the agreed time limit?
  • Were the company staff friendly, helpful and easy to communicate with?
  • Do they respond quickly to support issues or in case of any difficulty?
  • Would they recommend them as a web design company?
  • Can you communicate with them personally?

The contact with which you will be invited to come with the construction company of your website will be quite close. In order for your professional website to be implemented effectively, you must be in constant contact with the web design of the company. So you should be able to "find it" with him as your cooperation will not be limited only to the construction process but also to a future level. If you find communication or communication problems, it would be good to look for another company.

What will they need from you?

Every web design project requires the contribution of the owner. After all, the business is yours and you are the one who knows its needs, particularities and strengths better than anyone.

It is therefore necessary to give the company all the information as well as photographic material and texts that you consider important for your business. For its part, the company should be able to understand this information and be able to integrate it into your website. Some questions you can ask them in this place are:

Can you show a website that you like so that yours becomes something like that?

Will photos and texts from you be required or can the company provide them? If he can provide them, what will be the extra cost for writing texts and importing photos - graphic work?

How much time do you need to build a website?

Before your final agreement for the implementation of your website, you should clearly ask the estimated delivery time of the project.

Of course do not expect that a company will give you exact time. All web design companies will give you a period of so many days in order for them to be sure that they will cope successfully. Besides, within this period of time, they should also calculate any delays on your part, in providing the necessary information, texts, photos, etc.What you need to keep in mind is if the maximum amount of time they have given you is satisfactory.


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