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6 Tips to choose the tiles in your kitchen and get it right


The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house where we usually spend the most time and where we most enjoy cooking, eating or socializing. A space that has to be practical, easy to clean and also with a certain aesthetic value due to the design of its furniture, its tiles and, of course, its tiles and accessories such as lighting and other decorative objects. One of the first steps to carry out when designing the style of a kitchen is to decide on the type of tile with which we are going to tile the walls of the same. If you are not sure how to do it, in this article we offer you 6 tips to choose the tiles for your kitchen and get it right.

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How to choose tiles for the kitchen?

Although pragmatism and price tend to take priority when choosing tiles, the truth is that we have to take into account many other variables and not let our taste take second place. Our choice must be guided by a conjunction of our personal tastes and a series of tips that will make us feel that the tile in our kitchen is perfect. So, make a list of your favorite tiles and check them against these tips to choose the kitchen tile and see if you are really on the right track. You should take into account the following tips:

1. Create a style unit and combine everything

One of the steps in choosing the tiles for this room is to match it with the rest of the house. A tile that at first can be ideal for both men and women, it may be that when trying to combine it with the decoration style and with that of the rest of the kitchen we will be surprised by not sticking at all and having to look for a model that integrates better with the whole.

2. Take a good look at the quality of the tile

One of the tips for choosing kitchen tiles is not to get carried away by cheap prices and bargains and always look at quality. A poor quality tile will not last and can lose its shine, peel, crack or even come loose in no time. When tiling the kitchen, we want it to last as many years as possible and withstand the intensive use that every kitchen supports.

3. Know well how many meters of tiles you need

Analyze well which are the surfaces that are going to be covered with tile, if you are only going to veneer the walls up to half a height and combine with paint, if you are also going to cover an island, the dining area, etc. Make an approximate calculation of how many tiles you will need to cover the meters of the kitchen, so you will not spend more than necessary. Ideally, only about a meter to be able to repair future and possible breaks. If you're not sure how to estimate the number of tiles you need, consult a professional.

4. Think carefully about the arrangement of the tiles

The tiles usually have several arrangements in order to make certain compositions and figures. The same tile will give us another impression and different nuances in the style if we place it horizontally or vertically or even diagonally. Another way to create different styles is to introduce color and make compositions with the same tile in different colors. Do not forget that you can also decorate with rugs to give a different touch to the deco.

5. Assess whether to introduce a border

One of the tips to change the kitchen cladding is to opt for borders or hydraulic tiles, but remember that in these cases it is recommended to only put a wall of this style, so as not to overload too much. The borders are also a resource that it will add plasticity and aesthetic value to any composition we make, in addition to giving an original, fresh and different air to our kitchen. Depending on the style of our kitchen, this will have to be the style of the border. One of the ideas to re-decorate is to opt for hydraulic floors without the need to do works, also these types of options are very simple to maintain and clean.

6. Opt for timeless and long-lasting styles

There are styles that never go out of style and always manage to stay current despite the passage of time. If you don't want to have to change the tiling every so often, go for simple, modern tiles without fanfare.

We hope that with these simple tips you can find the ideal tile for your kitchen combining style, durability, quality and price.


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