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How is a motorcycle for beginners?

Choosing a motorcycle when starting out on two wheels can be more difficult than it sounds. If they are going to be your first steps as a biker, it is good that you know what a motorcycle for beginners is like.

To begin with, not just any motorcycle is worth it, it is best to start little by little and once you have gained confidence with undemanding bikes then make the leap to older bikes.

We tell you what characteristics a good motorcycle for beginners must have, so if you are starting, everything will be easier from the beginning. We have all started from scratch at some point and many would have liked to have a bike specially designed for inexperienced riders on hand.

Today these motorcycles exist and there are many options that may interest you if it is going to be your first motorcycle, we recommend you look for one that meets the characteristics that we tell you here. Of course, be careful with love at first sight and avoid mistakes that can play tricks on you and condition your future as a motorcyclist.

motorcycle for beginners

Once you start ... practice and experience will do everything else, and you will see that by consolidating your beginnings well, you will quickly have the ability to consider more advanced bikes. But when choosing a motorcycle to start with, keep the following factors in mind.

A light motorcycle

Without a doubt, weight is the first thing you can throw back when you start out on a motorcycle. If you do not have any previous experience, and the only thing you have taken before has been a bicycle, it is normal for a high weight to impose on the most beginners. A heavy motorcycle, or one with a particularly high center of gravity, can be a problem when having to move the motorcycle at a standstill or at low speed.

We recommend a light and easy to handle motorcycle, with the lowest possible center of gravity, compact and accessible. It must be able to hold without problems when we are on it without moving it to one side and the other does not put us in a compromise.

A low power motorcycle

Start with a low power motorcycle, there will be time to increase performance later. If you can't feel like it, the best thing you can do is start small and leave the motorcycles with the highest power for when your experience allows it, look for a motorcycle that does not have excess CV.

There are some great inexpensive naked 125cc gear bikes that are a great gateway to the world of higher displacement and higher power bikes.

You will avoid scares and you will not endanger your own safety, a bad experience can make you lose the desire to have a motorcycle. The more powerful bikes will arrive later if you wish or need, but let time and experience take you to more powerful ones, and don't rush them. Find a motorcycle that you can master, not a motorcycle that will master you.

A motorcycle with a low seat

If you still do not know, you will check it the moment you get on a motorcycle: the height of the seat is very important. The confidence we feel when we get on a motorcycle is not only marked by its lightness but also by the ease with which we reach the ground with our feet.

A good motorcycle for beginners is one that allows you to reach the ground with both feet without problems, a mistake would be if we arrived only on tiptoe. We would not control his weight or his movements and manageability would quickly be compromised. If once seated in your seat we do not reach the ground well, the motorcycle will seem to weigh much more and the feeling of insecurity will be much greater. Find a motorcycle with the seat at an accessible height for your height and that allows you to reach the ground comfortably.

A motorcycle with safe braking

Braking on a motorcycle is something that commands a certain respect when starting out on a motorcycle, especially when braking with the front brake, many people even think it is dangerous.

Nothing could be further from the truth if you know how to do it.

Singleton Bike Shop

For this reason, while gaining experience, it is advisable to have a motorcycle that offers braking aids, such as an ABS braking system or a combined braking system that distributes the stopping power to both wheels at the same time. With the Australian 4 regulations, all motorcycles must have braking assistance, a factor to take into account if you doubt between a new or second-hand motorcycle.

This will give the most beginners a plus of confidence and security when braking.

A motorcycle or better a scooter?

If you have never circulated on two wheels, not even on a bicycle, perhaps during your first steps the first thing to do will be to focus on riding a motorcycle safely and paying all your attention to maintaining balance, accelerating and braking.

If this is your case, why not start with a scooter with which you can forget about changing gears? If you are going to give it an eminently urban use, it may be a good option to gain confidence, dexterity and ability, and you will already worry about up and down gears when you feel with a little more preparation. In addition, scooters are full of advantages if you are going to use them in the city.

Contact us at Singleton Bike Shop today to get to know which motorcycle is best for you.


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