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Yoga classes: know the benefits of this ancient practice

Did you know that the word "yoga" has two meanings? Yoga means effort and union. To tell the truth, it is a Hindu philosophical doctrine. The objective of this practice is for people to achieve, on the one hand, a state of spiritual perfection and, on the other, to achieve greater physical and mental control.

Well, what promotes the practice of these techniques is the control of the body and concentration. For this reason, yoga is a philosophy of life in itself, which allows us to find the balance of our body and our mind. This is one of the main benefits of attending yoga classes.

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Interesting, right? Keep reading! In this article we will tell you its origins and benefits. But if you are aiming for professional knowledge and would like to become a guide and counselor, now you can study coaching, one of the most demanding professional opportunities today.

Yoga, an ancient practice

To know the origins of this practice, we must go back 5,500 years. The truth is that experienced archaeologists have found ruins in the Indus Valley, the oldest known traces.

The first practitioners already enjoyed the benefits of yoga. Undoubtedly, they are numerous, but the most notable is that we can find, through their practice, a special harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual planes, which helps us to be happier.

Yoga is for the mind

The techniques he uses are firm and solid postures. When mastered, all efforts are focused solely on meditation and breath control. Its main objective is to release tension from the body in order to clear tension from the mind. All the more reason to consider that yoga helps ease conflict in the mind.

The benefits of doing yoga classes regularly

The yoga benefits us at different levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Its regular practice can change people's way of life and achieve a complete state of well-being. Let's see some examples:

Increase energy

The practice of yoga usually makes us feel more energetic, releases toxins and strengthens our defenses.

Improve flexibility and balance

In general, it improves the flexibility of all muscles because postures that involve the whole body are practiced. The calm and concentration that come with yoga are also used when practicing the postures. This improves balance.

Increase strength

As you also work with the physical body, the exercises that are practiced increase muscle mass. In this way the musculature is defined, the bones are protected and injuries are avoided.

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Relaxes the body and reduces pain

When practicing yoga, endorphins are generated and the body relaxes, helping to reduce pain.

Improves breathing

Practicing yoga teaches you to breathe correctly, control your breath and take advantage of energy. If you also combine yoga postures with proper breathing, it also improves blood circulation.

It helps to reduce stress

This traditional discipline is a practice that calms and relaxes, creating emotional and mental stability. In addition, it helps reduce the level of stress that our day to day generates.

Fight diseases

Attending yoga classes is a good option to improve health conditions. This traditional practice helps fight diseases such as depression, anxiety or insomnia, ailments very present in our society. In addition, it is effective in reducing muscle pain and the advancement of some degenerative diseases. On the other hand, yoga can also help improve heart rate and blood pressure.

Relaxation techniques

In today's world, we are subjected to a great deal of external stimuli on a daily basis. These stimuli are not always positive and often make our state, both physical and mental, altered. Then the tension appears.

Both meditation and relaxation performed in yoga help repair the balance between the body and mind. There are various relaxation techniques, but in general the most commonly used are to control stress. In the practice of relaxation, breathing is essential, as we must control it. Also, it should be leisurely and calm. This will help us to eliminate the tensions accumulated habitually. At the same time, we will learn to minimize stressful situations in which we are involved and that can affect our balance.

Here we explain some of the relaxation techniques that are most used in yoga classes.

Muscle relaxation

With this technique it is intended that, by taking a deep breath and closing the eyes, different muscles of the body are tense and relax. Tension-relaxation is practiced several times and in different parts of the body. In this way we will learn to recognize when we feel stressed and when we feel relaxed. When we learn to recognize the first signs of tension, we will apply relaxation techniques to reduce it.

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To meditate it is necessary to sit down, close your eyes and say phrases (called mantra) that relax. Phrases such as "I am at peace" or "I am calm." The goal of meditation is to blank the mind, without thinking about things that worry us. If we have any thoughts, we must let them pass. Breathing must be deep and from the abdomen, to receive more oxygen and relax more.


The visualization technique is based on imagining an environment or scene that relaxes us. It is about that with our eyes closed we visualize that place that calms us, feeling that we are there. Feeling the sensations that this environment causes us, we must let the thoughts that occur to us pass by and not give them importance.

When will we notice the benefits of yoga?

The benefits that we have talked about do not appear in all people equally. It is possible for one person to see changes by attending yoga classes one day a week and another may need four days for changes to occur in their life. You don't have to be a yoga expert to enjoy the benefits your practice can offer. To ensure that its effects last longer, healthy lifestyle habits are also essential, such as eating a balanced diet.

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