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Why vacation rentals are better than hotels

The vacation rental industry has exploded in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Travel is on the rise, as is the interest in experiencing premium, family-friendly vacations. People book longer trips, spend more money, and travel further to find their perfect destination. But is it worth staying in vacation rentals? We say yes.

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Why booking vacation rentals is the smarter choice

Plan your perfect vacation

Travelers have more options with vacation rentals. When booking a hotel room, customers usually cannot choose the location or receive all the amenities they require. With vacation rentals, guests can plan their perfect getaway by selecting a home that has everything in one convenient location.

If you don't mind sharing outdoor amenities and prefer high-rise buildings, there is a condo for rent. If you want it all for yourself, there is a private rental house. Those looking for a quiet beach retreat with ocean views can book a home with private beach access and pool. Adventure seekers can choose a house close to the ski slopes and outings, or one that sits quietly on a lake in the mountains. Whether within the middle of the action or on the outskirts, there's a rental available.

Don't sacrifice privacy and save money

Have you ever shared a bathroom with two, maybe four other people? How about not relaxing by the pool because dozens of people were fighting for space? If so, you know how awkward it is and how you've sacrificed privacy.

Vacation rentals offer more privacy than a hotel room or suite. Guests have the option, but are not required, to share swimming pools, hot tubs, laundry facilities, and dining areas. Renting a house can provide guests with their own bedroom, bathroom and living room. Plus, when it's time to relax, they have a dedicated personal space. Vacation homes are ideal for families, as parents can put the kids to bed, then watch a movie or spend time together, without fear about disturbing the kids.

Travelers can book multiple hotel rooms for more privacy, but it's expensive. Why is spending thousands of dollars on hotel rooms for a week when booking a vacation rental cost a third of the price? With vacation rentals, guests have more space and the average cost per night is much lower, saving them thousands of dollars.

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Takeaway: Why spend thousands of dollars on hotel rooms for a week when booking a vacation rental costs one-third the price?

Feel like a local, save more money

Rental homes offer the luxury of a home because they are a home. Additionally, many hotels are run by large companies with large staff, so hotels have to charge for almost everything. Most vacation rentals come equipped with everything you need at no additional cost.

The kitchen and dining room are equipped with cooking utensils, utensils and crockery. You can also rent board games, books and DVDs. They are also free to bring their own entertainment and enjoy it for free. No more paying for movies or switching channels to try and find something to watch.

Many rental homes are equipped with washers and dryers, so guests can clean their clothes without paying hotel fees or bringing their clothes to the dry cleaners. In some homes, guests also have private hot tubs, swimming pools, and outdoor seating areas, perfect for relaxing with loved ones. In a vacation rental, travelers feel more at home and experience a sense of local pride as they are part of the community during their stay.

Get more security

In most cases, hotel staff will come into your room to clean and restock supplies. Also, you are worried about putting things in a safe or taking them with you. Hotels cannot compete with the security-enhanced vacation rentals offered to travelers.

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When guests stay in a rental, they don't have to worry about staff entering the space, and keyless entry provides another level of security. Random aliens cannot enter without permission. Only customers have the access code and do not have to keep the keys or pay additional fees in case of loss of the key. Additionally, travelers can park on-site in an attached garage or driveway. No need to park in a crowded parking lot or fight for premium parking.

But what if something breaks? The hotels have a staff dedicated to maintenance and repair issues. However, vacation rental managers have local businesses available 24/7. They are teams of trusted professionals who specialize in cleaning and maintenance, providing services to keep guests happy and up-to-date. 'easy.

Takeaway: By working with vacation property managers and local businesses, you are more than just a visitor, you are like family.

Eat healthier, spend less

Some hotel rooms and suites have a kitchen but do not have a comfortable dining area. This forces travelers to go out to dinner, which can cost hundreds and break healthy eating habits.

Vacation rental homes provide a place to create homemade meals. Sure, dining out is always fun and recommended in moderation, but customers can eat healthier while on vacation by cooking their own meals. It also gives travelers a reason to visit a local farmers market or festival where they shop for local produce and support the economy.

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