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The importance of printing flyers

A flyer is one of the most common ways of displaying a public product or service. This offline marketing tool is used very frequently for its simple, clear and entertaining language; Therefore, despite the emergence of new technologies, printing advertising brochures is still the main method of reaching users.

Printing advertising brochures: the best offline marketing strategy

printing flyers

Using physical materials to promote your brand helps you establish a relationship of trust between the consumer and the business. Users identify themselves with the logo, colors, messages, and letters; Therefore, printing flyers is a good strategy to capture the attention of your target audience.

On the other hand, if you opt for companies like Jennings Print you will be enjoying high quality flyers at the lowest price. In the same way, this offline marketing strategy stands out because these products can be easily distributed; Furthermore, by having an original design they serve to convey the message in an attractive way.

Types of promotional brochures

Today, there is a wide variety of promotional brochures; Below we show you the different types that there are.

According to the number of pages

Depending on the number of pages, advertising brochures can be divided into:

  • Flyers: a sheet printed on one or two sides. The format is usually rectangular or square; therefore, it is the easiest and cheapest way to print advertising brochures.
  • Diptychs: folded in 2 parts; that is, 4 pages.
  • Triptychs: folded in 3 parts; 6 pages.
  • Quadriptychs: folded in 4 parts; 8 pages.
  • Polyptychs: more than 4 bodies.

According to the folding

Depending on the type of folding, the booklets can be divided:

  • In window: it is usually used for quadriptics.
  • Accordion: two or more parallel folds that open opposite each other. It is highly recommended for brochures with many pages, although it is best if the paper has a low thickness.
  • In cylinder or envelope: several pieces that fold over themselves.
  • Crossed: they can be printed on one or two sides, but it is more difficult to organize all the content.

printing flyers

Other types

In addition, there are other types of advertising brochures such as the ones shown below:

  • Pamphlets: eight boxes that offer a great impact on the reader; therefore, they are very common in political campaigns.
  • Propaganda: the texts are very short and concise; in addition, they are usually handed out.
  • Inserts: they are usually located inside newspapers and include samples that serve to give greater visibility to the brand and the product in question.

Advantages of digital printing at Jennings Print

If you are thinking of printing advertising brochures digitally, Jennings Print is the best option; For this reason, we show you some of the advantages that you will get when using these flyers.

  • Versatility: you can adapt them to any business.
  • Economic: their low cost has led them to become one of the most competitive tools in the sector.
  • Ease and speed: the best way to quickly and effectively promote a company or product.
  • Flexibility: they allow you to use offline marketing with the latest technological innovations; For example, you can include QR codes that take users to your company's website.

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Keys to create a perfect flyer

Do you want to create a perfect flyer and don't know how? Here we give you the keys to not go unnoticed with your audience.

  • Objective: you must know exactly what your intention is when printing advertising brochures. This will help you define your message and choose a certain design.
  • Style: it must represent your company and show the image you want to convey to your customers.
  • Amount of information: it is important to be clear and concise; Therefore, you must analyze what information is important and which is dispensable.
  • Quality of the images: if you are going to include photographs, they must be of quality.
  • Colors: it is best to opt for a design in CMYK color mode.
  • Final finish: it must attract attention so as not to go unnoticed.
Now that you've seen why, despite the passing of the years, flyers are still the best way to promote your brand, what are you waiting for to use this offline marketing strategy with your clients? You will be right for sure. Contact Jennings Print today!


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