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Commercial Vehicle Wrapping: One of the most effective advertising

The wrapping of commercial vehicles is one of the most effective advertising methods due to the great impact it generates.

With your tagged vehicle in constant motion, you will achieve great visual notoriety for your company, since it favors the memorability and recognition of the brand.

vehicle wrapping

Lettering for cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks

We are talking about one of the cheapest ways to advertise, since you use an asset that you already have in the company as an advertising medium. On the other hand, when it comes to other media both online and offline, prices tend to increase a lot. This occurs because in these cases, you pay for the advertising medium you use, as in the case of a billboard or an advertisement on the internet.

The only economic expense that you will assume with this advertising method is the design and printing of the graphics implemented in the customization of the car. In addition, there will always be a model that suits your pocket: they can be made from small stickers to full labeling of a truck.

At Big Colour we design, produce and assemble personalized signs for your vehicles.

A mobile business claim. We make you stand out from the rest

Your company vehicle will act as an extension of the business, so adding the corporate image and information about its services will help you reinforce the brand.

Vehicle wrapping has a distinct advantage over a fixed billboard because it is constantly in motion and is highly visible from several points at the same time.

It is a tool that offers constant promotion for your brand, since business vehicles are highly used. For the same reason, we are talking about a type of advertising that can generate up to 80,000 impressions per day.

On the other hand, customizing your commercial vehicle in an original and attractive way acts as a key differentiator against your competition. Seeing an ad of these characteristics makes you stay in the mind of the recipient as an advertiser.

vehicle wrapping services

When it comes to advertising, it is often said that less is more. To create a visual and eye-catching ad, we recommend that you use a direct and concise message, with little text, and accompany it with a minimalist graphic with a very clear and legible typography.

Durability guarantee and resistant materials

At Big Colour we use the best materials for labeling business vehicles: vinyls, stickers and magnets.

The most common material in car wrapping is vinyl, a very resistant adhesive that can be cut according to the graphic design that is printed on it. This helps the design to be integrated into the vehicle.

Vinyl can be kept in good condition for up to seven years, keeping the original paint of your car. In addition, it adheres and adapts perfectly to your vehicle, managing to cover from a few centimeters to the entirety of it, including the windows.

Stickers, on the other hand, are adhesives that are not used to cover the entire car, as they are used in smaller formats and are usually produced in greater quantities than vinyl.

Being such an inexpensive product, companies usually place large orders for stickers to give to their customers in order to generate more impact and a positive shopping experience, since the user feels that they have been given a gift.

The third material we use are magnets, which offer great comfort and adaptability when changing them. This is useful for one-time or short-term advertising signs; such as exclusive company offers or special events.

Another great benefit of the use of magnets is in the case of private vehicles that are also used as a company vehicle. In that case, you can remove and put your business advertising only when you need it, without the help of a professional.

Both the vinyls and the stickers and magnets withstand any type of weather, being resistant to water and possible discolorations produced by the sun's rays.

car wrapping services

They are materials capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures and at the same time protect the vehicle from dirt, bumps and scratches.

Designs adapted to desired image of your company

When it comes to labeling for business vehicles, it is important to take into account the graphic that is applied, since it must be consistent with the rest of the corporate image of your company. Having this clear, you will get your brand to acquire a more professional character.

At Big Colour we offer a complete service in the process of labeling vans, cars, trucks and motorcycles. From the design that you are going to want to implement, to its printing and installation.

We are experts in graphic management and we produce signs of all sizes and in full color. We offer the best prices with the best quality for the number of vehicles you need, helping your business to grow and position itself professionally. Contact us today!


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