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Hunter Valley Wine Tourisms: Activities And Entertainment

Discover our domain!

Through our Hunter Valley Tour of the Vineyard and Tasting, come and touch our passion and taste our wines. After a guided walk in our vineyards and our cellar, you will  taste our wines associated with local products (only in July & August).

In 2020, we are adapting our visit and our tasting management to guarantee you compliance with barrier gestures and health rules.

To discover our vineyard, our wines and our nature in a different way, we offer various  Activities & Animations. With family, friends or as a couple you will find the activity that suits you to have a good time!

More than ever adapted this year 2020:

  • Geocaching  on the theme of vines and wine (all year round, every day, without reservation)
  • Winegrower picnic (June to September, Monday to Friday, by reservation)
  • Electric bike ride + visit + picnic (June to September, Monday to Friday, by reservation)
  • Gourmet evening at the farm: canceled in 2020
For the 2020 season, please inquire before your arrival. Systems are in place to respect barrier gestures and health rules.

We have been labeled "Tourism and Handicap" for 10 years for 4 disabilities (Hearing, Mental, Motor, Visual). With the support of the Dordogne Departmental Tourism Committee, we are committed to meeting the demands of people with disabilities, whether temporarily or permanently.

Do you want to choose your holidays and your leisure activities in complete freedom?
Normal! The label provides you with the guarantee of an efficient reception that meets your needs. Our equipment (reception room, toilets, wine storehouse, parking, etc.) are adapted. Our visits are also, do not hesitate to contact us so that our offer meets your expectations!

The tasting room (on one level and accessible to all):

The visit is carried out by the manager of the estate who will adapt to your needs, your expectations, your availability, your constraints… in a good mood! It will rely on the 5 senses to offer you a service, we hope, that meets your expectations!

The Wine Tasting Tours organizes cellar tours and offers tastings of 3 to 12 wines. The visit is an opportunity to learn more about the Burgundy vineyard, the grape varieties, the classification as well as the food and wine pairings while tasting the appellations from the best terroirs.
  • Private tour and tasting from 10 people
  • Group visits by reservation, from 20 people
The entire course offered in the shop and in the cellar is done in compliance with health standards. Wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the site and hydro alcoholic gel is available at the entrance to the shop.

With us, the pleasure of Bordeaux wines is always enriched by the discovery of the castle, the visit of the cellars & cellars and the sharing of experiences. During our workshops, we want you to experience this privileged moment where the wine expresses all its nuances, in its original environment. Several formulas according to your desires:

Discover the secrets of wine in 2 hours. Once at the Chateau, visit our cellars with the oenologist! Take part in the activity “awakening the senses”  and try to recognize the smells & aromas of wine. Follow up on the discovery workshop for dry white wines to taste  the different production processes for white wines in Bordeaux, then finish with the discovery workshop  for red wines by tasting wines from the softest to the most robust. 2 hours dense and rich for your taste buds!

Discover while tasting, Sauvignon blanc, Merlot and the 2 Cabernets Sauvignon & Franc, the emblematic grape varieties of Bordeaux ! and to become an expert in Bordeaux wines! In single varietal then in assembly, with or without aging in barrels, step by step, you will realize while tasting, why the assembly is so specific to Bordeaux... And you will end with old vintages to appreciate the effect of aging in bottle.


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