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5 Mistakes to avoid when renovating your Bathroom

Either because there have been defects in the bathroom or because you simply want to modernize it partially or completely. Change a shower for a freestanding bathtub, change the floor covering or modernize the toilets. Bathroom renovations can be a big challenge if you don't take the necessary precautions.

We tell you about the most common mistakes when renovating your bathroom.

Have you decided to reform the bathroom in your home? Before you take bathroom renovation, here are some useful tips that you need to know:

1. Calculate your Budget

You should start by determining the total cost of renovating your bathroom. Check the feasibility of the project! If you intend to carry out the renovation work on your own, you will only have to buy the bathroom equipment and furniture. However, if you are working with a professional like Complete Shower Seal, you must include the costs for their services, do not hesitate to ask for several estimates that allow you to compare and choose the best option.

bathroom renovation

2. Taking measurements

Any construction starts with a pencil and paper! With the help of a tape measure you will have to take the dimensions of your bathroom and write down the height of each wall and the location of the technical elements such as plugs, openings and water taps. All this information should be in your action plan. A properly mapped plan will be a valuable guide you can use to complete your renovation project.

3. Bathroom elements

The choice of furniture and accessories for your future bathroom is of the utmost importance, they must meet aesthetic requirements but also technical ones: shower or bathtub? To answer this question, you will need to consider the space you have available.

4. Monitor the renovation project

Even if you are not a design or construction professional and have entrusted your bathroom renovation for a specific reason to others, you can still oversee the major stages of the project. Some details are important and easily observable: Did workers damage existing pipes? No water leak or drip to repair? Has dust been spilled into the pipes, is there a risk of clogging them? Simply put, remember this tip: Using a professional does not exempt you from being vigilant and vigilant!

renovating bathroom tips

Pay attention to these tips that will save you time and money.


It is very easy to get carried away by the inspiring task of designing the bathroom of your dreams and completely forget about the functionality of the main elements. This is a big mistake, since a bathroom must first of all be easy and comfortable to use.

Safety, accessibility and comfort are the basic concepts that must be handled in the design of a functional bathroom.


To decorate and design any space in the home, the advice of an expert is necessary. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the help of a professional will almost guarantee you success. In a reform there are many details that, although they have a more or less obvious importance, can go unnoticed by someone who is completely related as an expert on these issues. Contact Complete Shower Seal Team today!


One of the most expensive items in a bathroom remodel is the cost of the new plumbing. When you decide to move the freestanding tub, toilet, sink, or shower from its original location, it immediately adds to the total cost of the renovation. Therefore, it is important to determine if this is a true need that will add differential value to your bathroom.

bathroom renovation service


To make sure that what you have in mind for your bathroom can be executed, it is important to draw a very detailed plan of what your new bathroom will look like and share it with an expert. If you are doing a major renovation that requires fixtures, new walls or removing old ones, etc., it is recommended to hire an interior designer to help you come up with a clear plan that includes everything you want.

You must take into account the position of the doors, windows, plumbing and electrical wiring. You don't want to start the remodel, tear down walls, etc., only to find that it doesn't look exactly how you expected.


The most common mistake when renovating a bathroom is not establishing a fixed price contract with the professionals you hire. This can turn into a bottomless money pit. With each contractor, it's essential to debate and put in writing an in depth contract that specifies the following:

  • List of tasks that a contractor agrees to perform and their costs.
  • List of materials and their costs.
  • Last but not least, it is essential to hire professionals who have experience and proven references in bathroom remodeling.

If you want to know more and seek some advises directly from the bathroom renovation company, contact Complete Shower Seal experts today!


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