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Hollo Bolt: How does it work?

In hollow rectangular solid material (RHS) construction, the hollo bolt (TM) was developed to fasten materials such as steel I-beams to this hollow but strong material. Hollo bolt fasteners are used around the world in the construction of multi-story buildings, bridges, highway overpasses and various other applications where solid metal hollows are fastened together. Find out more about how the hollo bolt works below. Flow drilling Flow drilling is the process of drilling a hole through hollow structural materials, such as rectangular steel pipes, without actually removing any of the metal. The hole is automatically sealed around its edge as it is formed. A tool called a threaded roll then draws a thread on the circumference of the hole, allowing it to accept a standard threaded bolt as a fastener. The Hollo Bolt The Hollo-Bolt assembly has 3 parts, the cone, the body and also the threaded bolt. It is pre-assembled and comes in a wide range of sizes for various clamping requir

10 reasons why you need to paint your roof

Your roof is possibly the foremost important a part of your home. It covers you and your family when it rains and snows. It also protects you from hail and other harmful things. You may not realize how important it is to keep your roof freshly painted, but you should give your roof a new coat of paint every two years. Here are 10 reasons to paint your roof . 1. Waterproof home Heavy rain can cause your roof to leak. Humidity is also a big problem, especially in humid states. By painting your roof regularly, you can prevent it from breaking in the water. Many paints have waterproof properties. Of course, as the paint wears off, those waterproofing skills go with it. Regular repainting keeps the roof strong and able to withstand rain by causing it to slide off the roof. 2. Complete simple repairs Most roofs have minor blemishes. They can be small chips or small holes. Fortunately, many of these blemishes can be corrected with a new paint job. New paint can fill in the holes at an

8 reasons why agricultural careers are needed more than ever

Despite the fact that agriculture is a sector that represents millions worldwide and affects all of us on a daily basis, the field increasingly has fewer people studying agricultural careers and who want to work in it, which generates greater difficulty in finding enthusiastic and qualified candidates for the field. In the year 2010 and 2015 there were lots of jobs available in agriculture , renewable energy and food systems, then the professionals available to qualify to work in them.". Since the industry is booming, the numbers have to increase, but college students are misinformed about the importance of agricultural careers and their scope. Out of the thousands out there, we highlight eight reasons why agriculture is needed now more than ever and why choose an agricultural career: 1. The population is growing    By 2050 a world population of 9 billion people is projected. In order to feed and clothe the world, the population will depend on agriculture, much more than it