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8 reasons why agricultural careers are needed more than ever

Despite the fact that agriculture is a sector that represents millions worldwide and affects all of us on a daily basis, the field increasingly has fewer people studying agricultural careers and who want to work in it, which generates greater difficulty in finding enthusiastic and qualified candidates for the field.

In the year 2010 and 2015 there were lots of jobs available in agriculture, renewable energy and food systems, then the professionals available to qualify to work in them.". Since the industry is booming, the numbers have to increase, but college students are misinformed about the importance of agricultural careers and their scope.

agribusiness careers

Out of the thousands out there, we highlight eight reasons why agriculture is needed now more than ever and why choose an agricultural career:

1. The population is growing  

By 2050 a world population of 9 billion people is projected. In order to feed and clothe the world, the population will depend on agriculture, much more than it is used to. With this comes the need for new technologies, diligent workers, creative minds, and professionals who are ready to enter the world of work and support this sector that never rests.

2. The new generation of the field

Nowadays, it is the people of 60-70 years who are in the main leadership positions of agriculture, but the retirement rate of these is very high, which causes that there are many positions available without someone to fill them. Because of this situation, farmers are having trouble finding the right talent for these positions and 60% of them are changing their minds and hiring recent college graduates.

3. Job Diversity

Within the past 20 years, agriculture has expanded and become highly diverse, providing professionals in the field with a wide variety of careers to choose from. There are important jobs in the production, marketing, economics, agribusiness, sales, technology, microbiology, finance, communications and more. In 2013, there were 52,862 jobs posted on Agricultural Appointments in Australia, with different careers in every aspect of the agricultural sector.

agricultural careers

4. Shortage of agricultural professionals

The truth is that, globally, there are not enough people taking study programs in agricultural areas, which is causing a shortage of qualified professionals. According to a study by Agricultural Appointments in Australia, less than 1% of university students are pursuing a professional career in agriculture. In 2013 there were more than 56,000 career opportunities in the industry, but only 29,000 professionals were trained to fill those positions.

5. Industry growth

Since the industry is growing at such a rapid rate, there is a high demand for qualified professionals in every area of agriculture. The Agricultural Department of Labor projects significant growth in employment in the areas of food, renewable energy, and the environment from this year through all of 2018 in developing countries.

6. Technological advances

Agricultural technologies are constantly evolving to help improve productivity. With new technologies, there is a need for more people with adequate preparation to work with biotechnology and plant breeding, among others, which will shape the sector and strengthen the industry.

agricultural jobs

7. Better salaries

Due to the growth of the areas of action of the sector, to stay competitive and ensure the best talent for the sector, organizations have raised the salaries of the employees and the generated positions for the professional farmers. In addition, in several countries they have worked hard to offer better benefits to keep their workers motivated, professionally promoted and have a career in the field.

8. Comforting

Working in any area of agriculture is the most comforting job, since it is the people who generate a direct positive impact on the people around them. People who work in agricultural careers are passionate about what they do and want to see the field big and prosperous. It is comforting to know that by working in the field you are making a difference and the world a better place.

It is undeniable that agriculture is one of the best sectors to work for, whether you are looking for a company in which you feel comfortable, a competitive salary, or wanting to make a difference in the world. The agricultural sector has a wide variety of jobs to choose from which makes it easy to find a position in which you feel comfortable. The activity in the field is growing and needs new and talented professionals who are ready to be the new generation of agriculture in the world. Contact Agricultural Appointments today!


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