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Buying a bicycle for some people is very simple, but for others it is more difficult. Knowing which bicycle to buy and making the best choice depends on the construction materials, the brands, and especially what use we will give the bicycle. In this sense, a lot depends on whether you are looking for a bike for daily and urban use or a specialized bicycle for practicing sports.

bike buying tips

So you are wondering what bike to buy, this article is for you.

We will review all the aspects and tips to consider before buying a bicycle, whether it is your first bike or one to improve and renew the one you have. Today there is a lot of offer of bicycles and many users get dizzy before so many options.

Before choosing your bike, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want a bicycle?
  • When and where will you use the bicycle?
  • Does one have an area to store it?
  • How much do you want to invest in a bicycle?
  • Get the size of your new bike right

After having answered all these questions, we will go in detail about the different types of bicycles on the market, so that by knowing them, you can make the best possible choice.

1. Usefulness of the bicycle

Here the big question you can ask yourself is: why do I want a bicycle?

With this we want you to reflect on the function that the bike will have: will it take you to work? Is it for sports? Or just for walks on the weekends? Or are you looking for a bicycle to take your children to kindergarten? Maybe you just want it to go for a walk with your pet from time to time or go shopping.

bike tips

Once this question is clarified, although you answer yes to everything, surely there'll be some function that you simply will value in particular. For example, I need a good bike to practice downhill but that I can also use daily to travel to work.

If you are clear about what you want to use your bike for, it will be easier for you when choosing. For example, a bike to go out on the road, or to practice MTB. You can also use these bikes in the city, but it is important to know that above all, you want it to practice sports.

2. How much and where you will use it

With how much we refer to the frequency of use, and this will depend mainly on the budget you put on your new bike. Even if you're not going to use it much, you might want to go for a second-hand bike. On the other hand, if you are going to use it to travel long distances in the city and even with uneven terrain, a cheap electric bicycle may be more convenient for you.

With where, we refer to the type of terrain, and this is closely related to the previous point, a mountain bike will help you go to the outskirts but not to go at high speed on the track or jump on a ramp. Just like if you live in a city with a lot of slopes, you might get discouraged pedaling to work uphill every day without an electric bike.

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The terrain also depends on the material and the braking system of your bike. If you buy a steel bike, you have to know that it is much heavier than an aluminum one. And if you are going downhill at high speed, you may prefer a bike with disc brakes over V-brakes, since they are more effective and will tire you less.

3. Where to store your bike

With this question enter two important questions: "where to store", if you have a place at home or if you will sleep on the street or in a storage room.

When it comes to storage, it is important to know if you have space at home since if you are going to go for a good brand bike you will not want to leave it tied up in the street. Or maybe you want to go for a good folding bike, even if it is for MTB.

It is also important to consider if you have an elevator in your floor or if you live in a house. Many people who buy bicycles and do not use them just because they do not have to go down and upstairs with the bicycle in tow.

As much as you buy a lightweight bike, it is important to consider usability in this regard. If you are looking for a bicycle to carry children, you can go for a folding one without problem, but if you take two children it may be more complicated unless you take them with a trailer or trailer.

4. Budget for the bike

How much does one want to invest in a bicycle? Your budget is one of the things that you should take into account the most when buying a bicycle. That will depend on the brand, frame material, speed changes, even if you can take a lighter bike or with disc brakes or v-brakes.

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A good tip is not to invest a lot in a bike that you will leave parked on the street or outdoors for long periods of time, as it runs the risk of being ruined by the weather.

Also the use you give it is important since if you will use it frequently you will want to buy a resistant and good quality bike.

Another thing to keep in mind is that specialized bikes are a bit more expensive, for example: full suspension mountain bikes for descents or carbon fiber road bikes. Although you can find good offers for this type of bicycle, there are prices that usually exceed more than thousands. If you want to know more, you can visit your local bike shop to help you.

5. Bike size

This question is good to ask and in order not to get confused, we will tell you the following: if you are going to buy a bicycle for sports, be it road, track, MTB, BMX, even if you buy a fixie, you do need to verify your size. This type of bicycle is very technical in its type of use and they have different sizes that are measured differently depending on the type of bike. You can read a special article about sizes here.

But if you go for a city bike folding, touring, electric, Dutch, cargo, even hybrids, you do not need to verify your size. They are usually one size, although it depends on the manufacturer, so this may vary by brand. Some urban bike brands have 26 "and 28" models that are recommended for more or less tall users.

Starting with the type of bicycle, in MTB, for example we refer to whether you are looking for a 26”, 27.5” or 29” bike, since it refers to the size of the wheels and that will affect your performance and use.

In large cities, users tend to opt for compact and light bicycles such as folding or electric folding. Above all, the most successful ones are those with 14”, 16” or 20” wheels. But being able to store them at night is important so they don't get ruined or could be stolen.


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