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The bottle dress: how do you design a wine label?

On countless occasions, people choose a wine from an expert wine label designer in Australia, guided by the attractiveness or picturesqueness of its presentation, which is the dress on the bottle, and to which the wineries give increasing importance.

What services does wine design offer to wineries?

We recreate the dream of the winemaker or the winery in image. The process of creating wine is so exciting that when it comes to the dress of the bottle, we must communicate it. For over 20 years we have been working in the wine industry designing or dressing the product.

wine design experts in Australia

As a second step, the promotional material required to position the product in the market is projected. We also offer advice on the name of the wine, the type of bottle and the capsule.

What do wineries ask to express on the label?

There is no common requirement, each one wishes to express their own philosophy: differentiation is the premise.

It seeks to communicate a concept, tell a story, and that is generated from what you want to convey to the consumer, be it a fantasy name, the terroir, the area, the position of the winery, the way of production, etc.

How do you design a wine label?

The first thing to be clear about is the market, the philosophy of the producer, and then create an attractive, credible and salable concept or story. It is not about looking for a nice typography and a graphic, but it is about attracting the consumer with an image that brings together everything you need so that you want to choose that wine and not the one next to it.

custom labelled products

What is the main thing a label should communicate?

What the label must communicate is the personality of the wine, today there are many ways of making it, and the trend is to make wines that are easy to drink, for more common consumption occasions, and the label must communicate that.

A label for an aging wine from a winery that has been on the market for more than 100 years is not the same as a design for a winemaker who uses biodynamic methods and certain freedoms to create.

It is very important to transmit the area and the country. On the front of the label that is a piece of information that, in my opinion, cannot be missed. While the alcoholic strength and the cubic centimeters are passed directly to the back label, on the front they no longer go. The varietal and the year of harvest must also be expressed, these are two pieces of information that the consumer must know in the seconds they have when they see a label and choose a wine.

If you think that they are only seconds for the consumer to choose, then that is where we realize that yes or yes our label must be attractive, and even more so when they are new products.

What are the different styles of labels?

In our day there are many graphic styles when it comes to the wine dress. The trend is as changeable as the times in which we live. Each country has its own style.

The sector where the wine will be located is also important when designing: there are super illustrative, minimalist, classic, creative, elegant labels, etc.

wine label design in Australia

Today, wine has become a very valuable product and the image has a lot to do with it. How many times have we bought wines because we love the label? That is our goal, but fundamentally to communicate what the winemaker, the true great artist, wants to convey to the consumer.

Are there preferred or more used colors than others?

The color issue has a very psychological aspect, and you have to be careful: one often neglects the use of a certain color. For example, blue, which gives us a cold and distant sensation, but it turns out that later, wine is all the rage.

In general, warm colors are used, such as oranges and reds, they are the colors of the sun and the earth, and they give you that friendly feeling.

Metallic colors emphasize the design a lot, give the label a touch of glamor, but are used less and less. In my opinion it should be just a detail.

Finally, the last touches that we want to give to the label are essential to attract the consumer: good paper, some relief, glossy lacquers, they give more category to the bottle even if it is a wine that does not exceed 10 dollars.

personalised wine label design

There are many tools to create amazing things. What designers must not forget is that we are not plastic artists, but rather we communicate a product through the image. And we must use all creativity to reach the consumer with a design according to that product: different, attractive, credible, conceptual and elegant.

If you want a custom made wine label for any occasion, do not hesitate to contact us at Wine Design in Australia.


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