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Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood

Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood Kiev!

Repair restoration of parquet after the flood in Kiev . The flood caused by a pipe burst from the neighbors upstairs is, unfortunately, a very common problem. Water, as a rule, easily passes the floors, using the cracks, and floods the ceiling, walls, floor. We'll talk about the latter - all the more, this problem can also be caused by a pipe break in your home. Natural wood parquet is durable and beautiful, but, like any wood, it is afraid of water. The sooner you start restoration work, the higher the probability that the parquet can be saved with practically no loss of quality.

If you do not carry out professional restoration, the following is possible: wet parquet will swell and deform, swell. If it dries unevenly, it will "lead", cracks may appear. Moisture will cause oxidative processes and the growth of fungi and bacteria - the parquet will darken. Water can also destroy the adhesive base - this is especially true for old parquet floors sanding .

Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood Kiev! Repair restoration of parquet after the flood in Kiev

What's the first thing to do with hardwood flooring in a flood?

Firstly, stop the effect of water on the parquet - simply wipe the floor as thoroughly and dry as possible. Secondly, raise the temperature in the room and try to lower the humidity. However, dry the parquet using a directed air flow or in other ways - with a hairdryer, and even more so with an industrial one; using any directional heaters - not worth it. So you can harm, leave all the professional work to our master - we recommend calling him as soon as possible.

What are the stages of work on the restoration of parquet after the flood?

Before starting work, the foreman must check whether the floor is completely dry. Only after drying can the extent of the damage and the need to repair or replace certain areas be assessed. Deformed boards need to be replaced, and whole, but lagging behind, must be glued again. The base underneath should also be assessed and strengthened if necessary.

When all damaged boards are manually removed and replaced with new ones, scraping is carried out. To do this, we use dust-free sanders that remove a thin layer of parquet floor sanding with possible bacterial and fungal deposits and damaged coating. Then we grind the parquet and use powerful vacuum cleaners to remove the finest dust from its surface. At the last stage, a new coating is applied - it can be varnish or oil.

Repair restoration of Floor Sanding parquet after the flood Kiev! Repair restoration of parquet after the flood in Kiev

Some nuances of parquet restoration restoration!

If the parquet is flooded with cold water, the chances of full restoration are much higher. Hot water penetrates all cracks much easier and increases the threat of deformation due to temperature exposure. It is even worse if the parquet is flooded with water from the heating system - specially prepared water circulates in it with impurities that cause additional damage. But in any case, it is worth inviting a master - even in seemingly hopeless cases, it is often cheaper and easier to carry out restoration than to change the parquet. However, the decision is made on a case-by-case basis and only after examination.

If a decision is made to restore the parquet floor sanding, all work will take 1-3 days, depending on the area of ​​the bay. We use only high-quality equipment in our work -  Lägler grinders, Kärcher and Hilti vacuum cleaners, as well as Remmers parquet varnish and Anser parquet glue.


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