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Like any item in the modern world, a BIKE SHOP has many different types and modifications. This is specifically done so that you can make the most of your efforts and enjoy certain types of terrain. In words, everything seems to be simple, but in fact, a beginner can easily get confused and choose something completely different from what he needs. To help you figure it out and decide what exactly you need, we have written this article.Let's see what the main types of bicycles are:  

The mountain bike is  designed for riding on mountainous terrain, as well as places with knurled dirt paths over rough terrain. One of the most versatile types of bicycles in our latitudes.     The main components of this type of bike are:  the presence of shock absorbers in the front, and in more advanced models and at the rear; a large selection of gears (up to 30); powerful brakes (rim or disc); straight or slightly curved steering wheel; wide rubber with spikes (tread).  

Depending on the purpose and configuration, mountain bike shop are divided into several subcategories: hardtails - with front shock absorber and rigid frame. They have the maximum distribution due to the affordable price, relative simplicity of design, good maintainability and maximum efficiency when driving in their conditions. Can be used by both beginners for daily walks and professional riders to participate in competitions.

Double suspension - with two shock absorbers, both wheels have a stroke to cushion shocks. This type of bike shop is used for more extreme disciplines and requires some experience. Such greats behave well on an uneven surface, where roots, stones, bumps and other protruding parts prevail, the shocks from which are damped by two shock absorbers. Two-suspension systems are preferred by people who love active and aggressive driving with jumps and overcoming high-speed sections on the off-road. They have a much more complex frame design and are often equipped with above average equipment.

The mountain type of bicycles can be safely attributed to such subspecies as: cross country (cross country, x-country, mtb) - mountain bike shop, hardtails for racing; marathon - bicycles with a suspension travel of 90-100mm and two shock absorbers; trail - double suspension with suspension travel 110-120mm; AM (all mountain) - with 130-140mm suspension travel; Enduro (Enduro) - with a suspension travel of 140-150mm; Free ride (free ride) - with suspension travel 160-180mm; Downhill - with 170-200mm suspension travel; Fetbayki (fat bike) - mountain bike shop with fat tires 4-5 "for a ride through the mud, sand and snow.     Road - a type of bicycle aimed at riding exclusively on a good smooth surface. Used for racing, as well as training by athletes and long walks by amateur cyclists.  

Features of road bike shop: complete absence of shock absorbers; the lightest possible frame and component design; thin and smooth tires using a lot of pressure inside; comfortable steering wheel (ram), with many grips.     Road bikes are also divided into several types: 


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