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With the rise of so-called Uber-like aggregator sites and message boards, people have found a new way of hiring manual assistants. With a few clicks of a button, you can hire a neighbor or other adventurous person to help you with the move.

As convenient as this new approach is, it has its own complexities compared to traditional methods. And these issues can affect you and your family very badly in the long run.Here are four reasons why you should never hire non-professional furniture movers .

1. They are not controlled by anyone.

Every reputable transport company has internal rules for working with clients. This handy guide covers everything from how to carry out a specific loading operation to the complaint process. This is an invaluable form of protection for you that non-professional movers do not have. If something goes wrong, all the problems will fall on your shoulders. Many relocation fraud cases occur because traders do not have a set of rules to follow. You can read about the methods of cheating on the move in our article .

2. They never had the right equipment and experience.

Moving can be a complex process with many different variables. For example, will a van be able to drive up to your home or does the company need to use alternative transportation? Do you have bulky furniture that might not swing out on the stairs?

Professional furniture movers companies are prepared for any situation and can ensure that these deviations do not interfere with the rest of the move. Someone you hire from aggregator sites or message boards just doesn't have the same hardware and can't handle all the problems that might come up during a move.

Lack of all the necessary equipment, such as belts, carts, liner cardboard, tie for securing cargo in the car, will be your headache.

In addition, ordering movers, relying only on the text of the ad and a certain rating, you get a "pig in a poke". Movers who do not even have their own website are most likely in this business recently or temporarily. In the ads, they all write about professionalism and experience in 10 years, without presenting any evidence. Ratings are wound up with the help of friends from social networks. Therefore, what level of furniture movers came to you, you will find out only at the end of the move.

3. They are not responsible.

In the terms and conditions of use of all aggregator sites and message boards, it is indicated that the administration is not responsible for any actions or omissions of performers from these resources. In case of damage to property, lateness or failure to leave the movers, you will not be able to present a claim to anyone. Maximum write a review or lower the rating in the system. All material losses are borne by the cargo owners. Low ratings are easy to wind up, so they don't bother the furniture movers.

4. They cannot help with support.

Not only do most furniture movers require a lot of different equipment, but many may also have additional services involved. Such as disassembling and assembling furniture, disconnecting communications, carrying especially heavy or bulky items, providing packaging materials, competent packaging services and much more. Most of these services, private traders will not be able to provide. Professional movers understand the nuances involved in moving any size and can provide the right planning and support to keep things running smoothly


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