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How to do a good roof maintenance?

Roofing material gets dirty and ages over time as it deteriorates. To preserve the beautiful appearance for as long as possible, these actions include cleaning the cover. Some roofs require cleaning more frequently than others.

  • Check the condition of the fixings, overlaps and joints. Damaged or partially bonded ones cause leaks, surface damage and threaten corrosion. If the bracket is damaged, it must be replaced (sometimes with a patch).
  • Remember to look at the roof bibs and ridges and the gutter system components. Falling siding pieces, uneven fading, blisters and cracks, as well as scratches indicate the need for repair. Sealants often wear out as well.
  • Gutter systems need to be cleaned once a year. The systems clogged ducts, partially clogged or dirty cause problems icing and corrosion, water being embalming one of the most common problems.

Roof maintenance is key

The proper maintenance of the roof prevents leaks that have an impact on the durability of the structure of the building, the thermal insulation of partitions building / warehouse or convenience of use (e.g. risk of fungi) that often, it translates into the health of the residents.

roof maintenance

Roof maintenance significantly extends its useful life, while eliminating the need for a complete or partial roof replacement. Therefore, having roofs cleaned and maintained by qualified personnel is a great way to save time, nerves and money.

You can avoid the unpleasant effects of a roof leak. All you have to do is focus on preventative measures in the form of roof maintenance!

When Should Roof Maintenance Be Done?

First of all, it should be noted that it is very important to carry out periodic checks on the condition of the roof, which includes, but is not limited to, the condition of the roof edge, bibs, ridges or the condition of the gutter system.

The first control procedures must be carried out after 2-3 years of operation, but after such an audit, it must be carried out at least once a year.

In turn, heat sealable roofing felt maintenance should be carried out as needed, but no less frequently than every 5 years.

Roof condition control

In general, keeping metal roofing in good condition is not a problem. Most of the pollution is removed from the roof on its own, due to precipitation.

The 20, 30 and even 50-year warranty on steel roofs is almost standard. When buying a metal cover, the customer is convinced that after being installed, they no longer have to listen to it again, but it is a big mistake.

roof repair and maintenance service

Regularly inspect the roof if necessary, remove dirt and repair minor defects. The secret to keeping your metal cover in perfect condition is simple.

It requires compliance with some basic rules, which consists of choosing a high-quality product and proper maintenance.

Why is roof maintenance worth doing?

The roof is a very important element of the building, as it protects it from weather conditions (rain, snow, wind). If the roof is damaged, for example in the form of leaks due to lack of maintenance, your home will no longer be a safe place to live.

Lack of proper roof maintenance can also cause serious damage and therefore destruction of the entire roof structure. Subsequent repair or replacement will incur much higher costs than preventive maintenance.

Roof and shingle washing

The washing a roof can be compared with the maintenance of the car, and therefore, it is best to use a high pressure washer, industrial, with a pressure of 130 atmospheres.

After moistening the roof with warm water, but at a temperature not exceeding 65 degrees, we recommend applying active foam, the same that is used to wash the car in a car wash.

roofing specialist in Newcastle

If the roof is matte, it would be good to use a soft bristle brush to thoroughly clean the rough structure of the roof. So it is extremely important to thoroughly rinse the surface to remove the cleaning agent.

A detailed check after such a wash allows early detection and response to even the smallest corrosion center, which can be caused, for example, by soot not removed from the chimney.

In the case of such an unpleasant discovery, it is enough to clean the place from rust and paint it with touch-up paint in the color of the coating.

Any type of cladding, including ceramic tiles, should be periodically inspected in sensitive areas such as the fireplace area and other roof treatments.

Note: improper or excessive use of cleaning agents can damage the colored coating. We take care of the cars, the home, the windows, the floors, the gardens, let us also remember the roof.

Can you paint the roof?

Many investors wonder if it is possible and worthwhile to paint a roof once it has lost its old, fresh look. Although you can repaint cement tiles, metal sheets, fiber cement boards, first it is advisable to check if there is another solution.

Applying paints or polyurethane foams to a roof should always be the last option, since it entails maintenance and a later repair more expensive than if it was repaired initially.

roof painting experts in Newcastle

Having clarified, if you finally choose to paint your roof, before painting, the roof must be clean and impregnated. For repainting, paints recommended by the manufacturer of the roofing material are used. It should be noted that, once painted, the roofs will require a more frequent renovation than before.

However, it is always worth repairing the paint coating immediately after noticing damage. The chipping area should be covered with the special paint, using as small a brush as possible.

If the damage does not cover the primer, a coat of paint is sufficient. However, if the damage is deeper, it is recommended to apply the second coat after the first one dries.

Edge corrosion, that is, rusting of the eaves edges, is a fairly common phenomenon, especially on roofs with a small slope. This can be avoided by painting the eaves edges after installing the roof.

Before making the decision to coat the entire surface, check for local damage. If there is significant local damage or the coating has faded unevenly, you should seek the advice of a specialist who will prepare a suitable repair schedule.

It is difficult to determine the exact time when you need to repaint, because the durability of the coatings depends on many factors.

These include the color and type of cladding, local weather conditions, roof pitch, or method of lifting the structure and installing the roof.

Regular roof maintenance will ensure peace and comfort for residents, while also having a positive impact on our budget.

It is much cheaper and easier to remove minor defects from the slope or the structure itself than it is to invest in costly and long-lasting repairs. A well-secured roof also means lower heating costs, which is important in the fall and winter.


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